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 Eagle Athletes are Soaring Higher!

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icon06/27/2023 - Portugal World Cup Bronze Medal for Trampolinist

More than 30 trampoline and tumbling athletes will represent their country at the Santarem World Cup in Santarem, Portugual. Our very own Isaac Rowley, represented USA in the synchronized trampoline competition with Cody Gesuelli as his synchro partner. The young men, flipped and twisted to earn a bronze medal! Congratulations, we are so proud of Isaac and Cody for representing USA, Eagle and themselves in this competition of the best in the world! 

icon07/05/2023 - Portugal World Cup for Tumbling and Trampoline

So many exciting things happened over the past week for our trampoline and tumbling team. We had three athletes go to Portugal to compete in international competitions.

Isaac Rowley competed in the Santarem World Cup and the Coimbra World Cup where he had and exceptional showing. Isaac placed 6th in the individual trampoline and 3rd in synchronized trampoline in Santarem and 31st in individual trampoline. Isaac and his synchro partner placed 8th in the preliminary round in synchro, but because of the one pair per country rule, they were bumped out of the finals into 10th place. Isaac completed 100% of his competition routines during this trip.

Kate Arakawa and Skyelar Hawk also traveled to Portugal, and they competed in the Scalibus Cup. It was Kate's first international competition, and she completed all her routines. She made finals and finished 7th place in individual trampoline in the U16 group. Teammate Skyelar also made finals in tumbling and is bringing home the bronze medal for the U17 group in tumbling. For the team awards, Kate and Skye are also coming home with team awards. Kate and her USA trampoline teammates are bringing home the gold medal and Skye and her USA tumbling teammates secured the silver medal. 

In other news, USA Gymnastics announced their jumpstart, Elite Development Program (EDP) World Age Group and World Championships team over the July 4th weekend. We are proud to announce that Casen Kim (double mini), and Quinn McCraw (trampoline) were selected for the jumpstart team. Grace Encalade (trampoline) and Casen Kim (trampoline) were selected for the EDP team. These athletes will participate in National Camp with the National coaching staff in Peoria, IL on Labor Day weekend. 

We have two athletes who will be joining Team USA at the trampoline and tumbling World Championships and three athletes who will be competing at the World Age Group competition held in Birmingham, England in November. Eagle will be represented at World Championships by Hope Bravo in tumbling and Isaac Rowley in individual and synchronized trampoline. Kate Arakawa and Grace Encalade will be competing in individual trampoline and synchronized trampoline while Skyelar Hawk will be competing in tumbling at the World Age Group competition. 

Finally, two of our trampoline and tumbling coaches have been selected to coach these Team USA athletes. Coach Jared has been selected to coach trampoline at the Pan American Championships in Chile in November and Coach Drew has been selected to coach trampoline at the World Age Group competition in Birmingham, England. 

We are so proud of our trampoline and tumbling athletes and coaches and wish them the best of luck in their future camps and competitions. 

icon06/23/2023 - Eagle Performs at Victoria Gardens Nursing Home

On June 23, 2023 Eagle Gymnastics had a group of young gymnasts from our recreational classes perform for the residents of Victoria Gardens. Thank you to Hayley, Daisy, Dottie and Nicole for a spectacular performance! The residents and staff were grateful and excited to watch our gymnasts show off their skills and our girls were proud and excited to make the residents smile.

Thank you to our girls, and Coach Myke, for bringing smiles and joy for all those who watched your wonderful handstands and cartwheels The residents truly appreciated you taking the time to visit with them. 

icon10/07/2023 - Level 2 team are DISTRICT CHAMPIONS!

Over the weekend of October 7-8, 2023, our Level 2 and 4 teams competed at the District Championships in Rockwall, Texas.

Congratulations to the Level 2 team who through their hard work became DISTRICT CHAMPIONS! The level 2 team consisted of Ava, Christina, Claire, Genevea, Marlie Ann, Reagan and Scarlett. Our level 2 team will finish out their season at the Hillenburg competition on November. 

Our Level 4 team had a great competition earning 2nd place as a team with several athletes becoming district champions in the individual events and the all around. Coco (Jr A) became DISTRICT CHAMPION on vault, top 5 bars, 3rd on beam and second all around. Anastasia and Ella competed in the Jr Division. Anastasia earned 3rd on vault and beam, and DISTRICT CHAMPION on bars, floor and All Around. Competing in the Sr A division were Sofia, Emilie, Ryleigh and Camryn. Sofia earned a top 5 finish on vault and the all around, 3rd on beam, and 2nd on floor. Emilie earned 3rd on beam, and Camryn had a top 5 finish on beam and is DISTRICT CHAMPION on bars. Kennedy (Sr C) finished out our competition earning a top 5 finish on beam. 

Next up on our Level 4s head to the North State Championships where they will compete to earn a place at the State Championships in November. Go Eagle!

icon10/14/2023 - District Championship Results

Saturday, October 14th, our level 3 team competed at the District Championships. Competing in Jr B3 were Destiny and Zoe. Destiny earned top 5 finishes on vault and beam. Hannah (Jr B4) earned FIRST PLACE on bars and beam becoming District Champion on both events and had a top 5 finish in all around. Makena (Jr C1) earned 3rd on bars and h ad a top 5 finish on beam and all around. Together these girls earned 3rd place as a small team.

Congratulations to our District Champions! 

Up next for this girls team, they compete at the North State Championships on November 3-4th. Best of luck!

icon10/28/2023 - North State Championships in Allen

Saturday, October 28th, the level 4 team competed at the North State Championship in Allen, TX. 

Coco (Jr A1) earned 1st on vault, 3rd on bars and beam, top 4 on floor and 2nd in the all around. Piper (A3) had a CLEAN SWEEP earning 1st place on vault, bars, beam, floor and all -around. Piper also had the highest score of the entire meet with a 9.85 on bars. Competing in Jr B3 were Anastasia and Ella. Anastasia earned 2nd on vault, 3rd on bars and 1st on beam, floor and the all-around. 

Competing in the senior divisions were Emilie, Sofia and Ryleigh. In Sr A1, Emilie earned a top 4 finish on bars. Sofia, Sr A2, earned 1st on beam and floor and second all around. Also in the Sr A2 division, Ryleigh earned top 4 on bars and beam. 

All of these girls qualified to the State Championships in Lubbock, on November 17-18, 2023.

Congratulations to all of our North State Champions!

icon11/04/2023 - North State Championships for Girls

Our Level 3 team wrapped up their fall season at the North State Championships on November 4, 2023.

Starting off this weekend were Hannah and Makena. Makena (Sr A3) is North State Champion on vault, earned top 5 finishes on vault, beam, and floor and 2nd in the all-around. Hannah, (Sr A2) earned second on bars and floor. 

Next up were Destiny and Zoe. Destiny earned 2nd on beam and third on floor and the all around. All of our girls did wonderful with several achieving their highest scores of the season. 

Congratulations to all of our North State Champions!

icon11/11/2023 - 2023 World Championships in England

Eagle Gymnastics is proud to announce that we have two athletes representing USA and Eagle Gymnastics at the Tumbling and Trampoline World Championships in England. They traveled to France at the beginning of November to take part in the World training camp and then the USA team traveled to France to prepare for the World Championships. 

Hope Bravo will be coming home with a BRONZE medal! Team USA earned the Bronze in the Team Division for Tumbling at the World Championships in England. They came out on top of 

Isaac Rowley and his Synchro teammate finished the team trampoline final in fifth place which is the highest finish for USA since 2009! Another big feat, the USA team for synchro competed in the team event and the team of Nicole, Kaden, Miah, Cody, Shelby, Ruben, Isaac (Eagle athlete), Alexi, Jessica and Sarah all walked away with GOLD and are the World Champions in the team event!

On November 12th, Eagle Gymnastics has three athletes and two coaches that are flying to Birmingham, England for the World Age Group Championships. We are so excited and proud of Kate, Sky and Grace for representing USA and Eagle on trampoline, tumbling and trampoline respectively and this is the first time competing in an international meet for Kate and Grace. We also have our own coaches representing USA as team coaches, Coach Jared for tumbling and Coach Drew for trampoline. We are also so proud of the coaches for all of their hard work and being chosen to represent USA. 

Good luck to all and congratulations again to Isaac and Hope on their HUGE accomplishment and becoming World Champions. 

icon11/18/2023 - Multiple State Titles Coming Home

Our level 4 girls team rocked it in Lubbock, TX over the weekend of November 18, 2023 bringing home multiple STATE titles. 

We had several girls compete in the Junior Divisions. Coco (A2) earned 2nd on bars, beam and floor and is the STATE CHAMPION on vault and the all-around. Piper (A5) earned a top 5 finish on vault, 2nd on bars and the all around and is the STATE CHAMPION on floor. Anastasia (C3) earned 3rd on vault and is the STATE CHAMPION on bars, beam, floor and the all around. Rounding out our junior divisions, Ella (C4) earned top 5 finishes on vault, floor and the all around. 

Competing in the Senior Divisions were Emilie, Ryleigh and Sofia. Emilie (A1) earned 2nd on bars and had a top 5 finish on beam and the all around. Ryleigh (A3) earned 3rd on bars and had a top 5 finish on beam and the all around. Rounding out the senior divisions was Sofia (A4). She earned top 4 finishes on bars and the all around and is the STATE CHAMPION on beam and floor.

Congratulations to our Level 4s on a great season and to all of our STATE CHAMPIONS!

icon11/11/2023 - Gold and Bronze at World Championships

November was a busy month for our trampoline and tumbling team. We had two athletes (Hope Bravo and Isaac Rowley) attend the World Championships held in Birmingham, England on November 8-12, 2023 and three athletes (Kate Arakawa, Skyelar Hawk and Grace Encalade) attend the World Age Groups competition also held in Birmingham, England on November 16-19, 2023. 

On November 1st, Hope and Isaac travelled with the rest of the USA Trampoline and Tumbling team to Rennes, France, where they had a four-day preparation camp. During this camp, they trained twice daily and had team bonding activities in preparation for the World Championships. They left France and arrived in Birmingham, England on November 6th where they had two more days of training on the competition equipment. 

Isaac competed in one of the first groups on Thursday, November 9th in individual trampoline, where he completed his routine. Stil, unfortunately, it wasn't his best, and it placed him in 36th out of 99 competitors. The top 24 athletes move on to the next qualification round. After all male athletes competed in the first qualification round, the USA men found themselves qualifying for the team final in 4th place, where the top 5 teams advanced into the team final. In the trampoline team final competition, Isaac and his teammates competed alongside a mighty field of competitors and finished 5th place. 

Hope competed about an hour later in the women's tumbling event, where she had two stellar routines, placing her in 13th out of 46 and moving her on to the next qualification round. The women's tumbling team qualified into the tumbling team final in 3rd place where they would compete for a team medal. Following an exciting team final, the Team USA girls brought home the BRONZE MEDAL. In the second qualification round of individual tumbling, Hope completed her tumbling run, which gave her a score that placed her in 15th place. 

Isaac competed in the synchronized trampoline event on Friday, with his synchro partner Cody Gesuell. Isaac and Cody hit a strong routine, giving them a score to qualify them into the second qualification round as the top USA pair. In the second round of synchronized trampoline qualifications, Isaac's partner did not complete the routine, putting them in 15th place. Isaac and Cody were selected to compete in the all-around team final on the last day. With the exceptional routines across all events, Team USA triumphed as the World Champions in the team all-around., earning a well-deserved GOLD MEDAL

Kate, Skye and Grace arrived in Birmingham, England on November 13, 2023. They had a tour of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory and a rest day upon arrival, then they trained twice a day on Tuesday and Wednesday then started the competition on Thursday. Kate and Skye competed on the first day of the competition, Kate on the individual trampoline and Skye on tumbling. It was Kate's first World Age Groups, and her nerves got the best of her and she did not complete her routine. She shook the nerves off after the fall and succeeded in completing her second routine, putting her in 55th place in the 15-16 years old age group. 

Skye was competing in her third World Age Group competition and was returning from a broken food that happened at the beginning of August. After being cleared by the doctor to train, she only had five practices at home before leaving for England. Even with only having those five practices, Skye's international experience allowed her to compete for a new pass. With the limitations of her training, she didn't have her correct mark and landed back on the rod floor, causing her to rebound and touch her hands on the ground. Skye finished in 17th place in the 15–16-year-old age group. 

The day after, Grace participated in the individual trampoline event, which marked her debut in international competitions and her first ever World Age Group competition. Unfortunately, her nerves got the best of her, and she bounced off onto teh end trampoline mats, leading to a premature end to her second routine. As a result, she finished in 55th place in the 13–14-year-old divisions. 

Kate and Grace participated in the synchronized trampoline event, where they teamed up with fellow American athletes. Due to the limited practice sessions with their partners, the duo faced a tough time during the competition. Kate and her partner secured 25th place in the 15–16-year-old group, while Grace and her partner finished 26th in the 13–14-year-old group. 

Overall, the World Championships and the World Age Groups Competition, were successful in their ways. It was an excellent experience for everyone, each athlete made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Our coaches and everyone at Eagle Gymnastics Academy are super proud of these five athletes and are excited to see what comes next in their athletic careers. 

icon12/09/2023 - Boys Team First Meet of the Season

The boys team started off their season with a competition in Saginaw, Texas. All levels competed that day, and it was a great start to the season. Daniel and Ben each had a great meet, rounding out the Top 10 AA. First time competitors Ethan, Luca, Sam and Arjan also had a fun meet and learning a lot along the way.

The level 4s competed next, knocking off some rust from the summer and fall. Ayaan had a strong first meet. Teammates Knox and Gavin each had some good events, with Knox taking 4th on floor and pommels and Gavin 3rd on pommels and 6th in the AA.

John Michael and Mason were in the 3rd session, representing the lone level 6 and 7 athletes at Eagle this season. John Michael took 1st on pommels and vault with a 4th place AA. Mason had the best meet of his life. He hit all 6 events, and placed 1st in the AA for the Level 7s in the 11-12 year old division. He also took 1st place on floor, pommels, rings and vault. 

The last session was a big one, with all the level 8, 9 and 10 boys competing together. Zach, Matthew, Yuva and Camden competed Level 8 for the first time and did not disappoint. All 4 boys had a fantastic showing, placing on several events, including 1st on floor and AA. Lots to improve on for everyone and a good start for things to come. The level 9s also knocked some rust off, with Simon, Aiden, Andrew and Carter competing. Simon took 1st in AA, as Andrew grabbed 1st on floor and pommels and 3rd in the AA. Carter also had a strong showing, hitting 5 solid routines and gaining some confidence along the way. For the 10s, Tyler, Ryland, Aiden, Nash and Eli all competed. With basic routines for beginning of the season, most of the boys were looking to get back into the swing of competition. 

The boys next meet will be in January. The level 3s and 4s compete locally at Eagles Wings and the Optional team will be competing at the Beach Blast Meet in Galveston, TX. Best of luck and Go Eagle!

icon01/05/2024 - Elite Tumbler and Trampolinist Mobilize

Let's give a big CONGRATULATIONS to two amazing athletes for their recent accomplishments. 

Through their hard work and dedication to the sport of Tumbling and Trampoline, Kalyana Dickson and Casen Kim were able to mobilize to Elite. 

Kalyana mobilized to intermediate Elite on Tumbling and Double Mini. Casen mobilized to Youth Elite 13-14 yrs on Trampoline. 

We are very proud of their hard work and wish both athletes good luck in the up and coming competitive season. 

Our T & T team will begin their competition season at Dallas Cup at the Allen Event Center the weekend of January 19-21, 2024! Go Eagle!

icon01/12/2024 - Boys Team Strong Showing at Friends of Achievers Meet

After a break, the level 3s and 4s got right back to work at Eagle Gymnastics. Competing at the Friends of Achievers Invitational in Denton, the Level 3s showed that they stayed focused during Christmas. Atlas H. did great at his first competition of the year and Sam M., Arjan K., and Luca L. showed great improvements over the break. Ethan L. had a great routine on the parallel bars, which earned him 5th place spot and Ben P. flew on the vault to take home the GOLD! 

The Level 4s had a strong showing as well. Knox L. had a clean pommel horse routine and took 4th place and Ayaan K. swung high to place 8th on high bar. Asa H. had a great first meet of the season highlighted by a 6th place finish on floor and a 5th place finish on pommel horse. 

Good luck to the boys at their next meet- The Friendship Invitational that will be held on January 27-28, 2024 weekend. Go Eagle!

icon01/12/2024 - Galveston and Gold for Optional Boys Team

The Eagle Gymnastics Men's optional team travelled to Galveston the weekend of January 12-14, 2024, to compete at the Beach Blast Invitational. It was a terrific opportunity to highlight some of the updated routines the boys have been working on and a chance to see some higher-level competition than the previous meet. 

John Michael and Mason H. started off the team with the first session. John Michael tried some new skills this weekend and finished 2nd on pommels, 3rd on rings and 5th in the AA. Mason took GOLD on pommels and vault and placed 5th AA in his age division. 

The Level 8s competed next with some good, solid routines. Matthew had an incredible meet and placed top 10 on every event! Camden took 4th on vault and ended up 7th in the AA. Yuva had a good meet as well, taking 7th on parallel bars and pommels. Teammate Zach, had a great meet, taking 3rd on floor and 4th on parallel bars. It was a valuable experience for the boys with some positive ups and downs. 

The Level 9s also competed well. Carter had a solid meet and tried some new skills while taking home 5th on floor. Aiden cleaned up a lot of his routines and had a positive meet, taking top 10 in several events and 8th in the AA. Simon had a positive meet taking home GOLD on high bar and the all around. He will be looking to clean up some of his other events before the end of the season. 

Rounding out the Men's team were the Level 10 group. Tyler had a solid meet and got close to catching his huge release move on high bar. Ryland took 5th on rings and 9th on vault while teammate, Zach who just came off a surgery, competed well taking 5th on floor and the AA. Elias competed in the Senior Division for Level 10s and was up against some good competition. Elias took home 3rd place on floor and top 10 on parallel bars, high bar and the AA. 

Very impressive results and next up the Eagle Men's team is Colorado! Go Eagle!

icon01/19/2024 - Tumble Team Clinches 17 Gold Medals

Over the weekend of January 19-21, 2024 in Allen, TX, the Tumbling and Trampoline Team competed at the Dallas Cup. 

The team marked an impressive season opener, clinching 17 gold medals, 14 silver and 8 bronze medal finishes. In addition to this strong showing, the team also brought home 20 top 10 placements. With this strong start, the team is eagerly gearing up for the Texas Tough Invitational scheduled for January 27-28, 2024 in Arlington, Texas. 

As the season gains momentum, we extend our best wishes to the team for continued success. Go Eagle!

icon01/19/2024 - Successful Season for Optional Girls Team

Over the weekend of January 19-21, 2024, our Women's Optional Team started their season at Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet at the Irving Convention Center. 

Ryan G. Level 10, earned a top 5 finish on vault with a new personal best and a top 10 finish in the all-around. Emilia, Level 9, made a return to gymnastics as a specialist earning top 10 finishes on both floor and beam.

Our Level 8 team started out the season strong with a 2nd place team finish. In the Jr. A. division, Brooklyn earned 3rd on floor and had a top 10 finish in the all-around while Maliah earned a top 5 finish on floor. In the Jr. B. category, gymnast Alena earned 3rd on vault, floor and all- around. Elise earned 2nd on beam and had a top 10 finish in the all-around. Rounding out our level 8s, Reghan earned a top 5 finish on beam. 

Making their optional debut this weekend, were our level 7 team. Vivi, Emma, Anastasia, Harper, Coco, Paige and Piper and our Level 6 Camryn. In the Jr. A, Vivi earned 3rd on vault, 2nd on beam, top 5 on floor and 3rd in the all-around. Anastasia earned a top 5 finish in the all-around. In Jr. B, Harper earned 3rd on vault and had a top 10 finish in the all-around. In Sr. A, Emma earned 3rd place on vault, bars and 4th in the all-around. 

Our Level 3 and 4 teams also competed in the first of their 2 spring invitationals. Competing level 4 in the Sr. A division, Emilie earned 2nd on vault and floor, 1st on beam, bars and all-around. Also competing Sr. A, Ella earned top 5 finishes on beam, floor, and the all-around. Competing in Sr. B were teammates, Kennedy and Sofia. Kennedy earned 2nd on beam while Sofia earned 2nd on beam and the all-around and1st on floor with a new personal best. 

Finishing the competition were the Level 3s, Destiny, Hannah, Makena, Marlie Ann and Zoe. In Jr. A, Marlie Ann earned a top 5 finish on bars with a new personal best. In Sr. A, Destiny earned 3rd place on vault. Competing in Sr. B, Hannah earned top 5 on vault and bars, 3rd on floor, 1st on beam and the all around. Also in Sr.B, Makena earned top 5 on beam, 3rd on vault and the all-around and 1st on bars. 

Congratulations to all our athletes on a strong meet and good luck on the rest of the season! 

icon01/19/2024 - Men's Team Successful in Colorado

The Eagle Men's gymnastics team travelled to Colorado Springs, Colorado the weekend of January 19-21, 2024 to compete in the Jr. Rocky Mountain invitational at the US Airforce Academy. It was a great opportunity to compete in a new and cold environment, which resulted in a hand carved wood Falcon trophy the boys won in the team competition. 

Mason H. was the lone Level 7 competitor for Eagle and had the most competitive meet of his career. Taking 3rd on floor and 4th on vault, Mason pulled out a 7th place AA finish with a fall on pommel horse. It was a positive experience for him and will help lead to greater heights in the future for him.

The level 8 and 9 boys were next, competing alongside each other. Camden and Zach each had good showing taking 2nd on vault and 4th on high bar respectively. Matthew had a good meet too, taking 3rd place on pommel horse and pbars and 3rd in the AA. Carter returned to his old stomping grounds and had a good consistent meet, taking 7th on rings. Aiden took 4th place on high bar and had a solid meet top to bottom. Andrew worked through some struggles and competed in a solid 6 events. he took 3rd on pommels and pbars. Simon had a stellar meet, taking 1st place on several events like pommel, pbars, high bar and winning AA. The score of all 4 level 9s were needed to secure the 2nd place Team Award. 

The level 10 boys shook off some rust and had a productive competition. Ryland, Zach and Nash each competed in several events in preparation for the end of season. Tyler took 2nd on rings and competed and caught his release move on high bar!

icon01/27/2024 - Texas Tough With Impressive Results

The 2024 competitive season for our trampoline and tumbling team soared into action from January 27-28th in Arlington, Texas. The team showed big improvements in just one week from their previous competition, coming home with 27 first place finishes, 12 second place finishes, 3 third place finishes and an additional 20 top 10 placements.

As they take a well deserved break, the athletes will use this time to fine tune their routines and elevate their performances in preparation for the upcoming travel competition. The team is set to embark on an exciting journey to Las Vegas for the Mega Meet, scheduled to take place from February 16-19th.

In addition to the team's success, Coach Isaac is currently representing Team USA at his first national team camp of the year in Colorado Springs. Team Eagle extends their best wishes to Coach Isaac, confident that his expertise and leadership will continue to the team's success.

The 2024 competition season has undoubtedly started on a high note for our trampoline and tumbling team, and the coaches are proud of the athletes' accomplishments. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as the team continues to soar to new heights in the world of competitive gymnastics. 

icon01/27/2024 - Team Award at Friendship Meet for Men's Team

The Eagle Boys' team competed at the Friendship Invite on January 28, 2024. The level 4s were in the morning session this time but started off hot! Ayaan, Knox, Gavin and Asa all had a great pommel horse. Gavin made his kip, catapulting him to a FIRST PLACE finish on high bar and the All Around. Knox had a fantastic P-bar routine and finished 2nd in the All Around. Asa had a great floor, competing his round off back handspring and Ayaan stuck his vault. Together they earned 2nd place in the team awards. 

The Level 3s followed suit and brought home even more hardware for Eagle. With some of the team sick, Atlas and Arjan stayed consistent and had great ring routines. Sam made great progress and showed his artistry on a great floor routine. Eagle got first and second in the All Around and Atlas was right behind Ben. Together, the boys won FIRST in the team awards. 

icon02/10/2024 - First Place Finishes at The Star

The weekend of February 9-10, 2024 our Eagle Gymnastics girls team competed at WOGA Classic at the Star in Frisco, TX. 

Competing solo in their level for Eagle were Ryan, Emilia and Camryn. Level 10, Ryan earned 1st place on beam. Level 9 specialist, Emilia earned top 5 on floor while Level 6, Camryn earned 3rd place on beam.

Our level 8 team, Brooklyn, Maliah, Elise, Alena, and Reghan, had a strong meet. Brooklyn, Jr. A earned a top 5 finish on floor. Elise, Jr. B earned top 5 finishes on bars, floor, and the all-around. Alena, also Jr. B, earned a top 5 finish on floor. 

Competing our level 7 team were Vivian, Anastasia, Coco, Piper, Harper, Emma and Paige. In Jr. A, Vivian earned 1st on Beam and Floor, 2nd in the all-around, and finished in the top 5 on bars. Anastasia, also Jr. A earned 2nd on bars and floor, 3rd in the all-around and finished in the top 4 on beam. Rounding out our Jr. A, Coco earned a top 5 finish on floor. In the Jr B. Division, Harper earned 1st place on floor. In the Sr. A division, Emma earned a top 5 finish on floor. 

Next up will be our optional team competing at Zenith Gymnastics in McKinney before preparing for State Championships. Go Eagle!

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