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 Eagle Athletes are Soaring Higher!

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icon04/30/2021 - Regional Championships for Tumbling and Trampoline Team

On April 30th to May 2nd the Eagle Tumbling and Trampoline Team competed at Region 3 Championships in Fort Worth, Texas. Eagle sent a total of 52 athletes to compete against from all over Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The team had a great showing coming home with sixteen Regional Champions, fifteen silver medalists, fourteen bronze finishes and 45 other top 10 finishes. 

Finally, congratulations to Drew Collins, Eagle's Elite Tumbler and Competitive Eagle coach, was awarded an Academic Scholarship from the Regional Committee. Only a select few are awarded this opportunity, and we are so proud of him for his achievements. 

icon06/26/2021 - Tumbling and Trampoline Team Earn Four Spots on National Team

Congratulations to the Tumbling and Trampoline Team for the best showing at the USA Championships over the week of June 22-27th in St. Louis! These athletes hard work and dedication were evident in their routines and results from their biggest competition of the season and we are so proud of them!

After a week long competition, Eagle Gymnastics is so proud to announce so many amazing results for all the Level 8 through Elite athletes. By the end of the meet, Eagle Gymnastics is also proud to announce that we will have four of our athletes represent USA at various competitions as National Team Members. 
Hope Bravo- Tumbling 
Drew Collins- Tumbling
Isaac Rowley- Trampoline
Weston Sitz- Double Mini Trampoline

More fantastic results:
Grace Encalade: 6th place Level 8 trampoline in the 11-12 age group division
Ellie Bridge: Top 30 in Level 8 trampoline in the 13-14 age group
Rocki Cook: 2nd place Level 8 Double Mini, 13-14 age group, and top 15 in Level 9 Tumbling 
Channing Kim: 3rd place in Level 8 Double Mini, 11-12 age group, 4th place in Level 9 trampoline
Kate Arakawa: 5th place Youth Elite in Trampoline in the 13-14 year age group, top 25 in Level 8 tumbling and in the 13-14 year age group is a 2021-2022 Elite Development Trampoline Team Member
Shelby Cannon: 3rd place Level 8 Tumbling in 15 and older age group

Congratulations, we are so proud of all of you and to our coaches that worked with each athlete- Jared Olsen, Isaac Rowley and Drew Collins.

icon07/09/2021 - Results at Stars and Stripes Championships for Tumbling and Trampoline

During the weekend of July 8-10, 2021, the Level 5-7 Eagle Gymnastics Tumbling and Trampoline team travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Stars and Stripes Championships. This competition was the last competition of the season, and the athletes all went out on the highest way that they could.

The team came home with three gold winners and 6 other top 6 placements. After competing with athletes from all over the country, Team Eagle athletes left not only with fantastic results, but also memories with their teammates that will last a lifetime. The top medalists include: Tatum Underwood, Emma Coulter, Landon Bell, Quinn McCraw, Cameron Walton and Grace Encalade. 

Tatum Underwood: 1st place Level 6 trampoline, 13-14 age group, 1st place Level 7 Double mini
Landon Bell: 5th place Level 6 trampoline, 9-10 year age group, 4th place Level 5 Double Mini
Emma Coulter: 6th place Level 6 trampoline, 11-12 year age group, 5th place Level 6 Double Mini, Top 10 Level 6 Tumbling
Quinn McCraw: 3rd place Level 6 tumbling, 9-10 year age group, 1st place Level 7 Double Mini, top10 Level 7 trampoline
Cam Walton: 4th place Level 7 Double Mini, 11-12 age group
Grace Encalade: 6th place Level 7 Double Mini, 11-12 age group, Top 15 Level 6 tumbling
Kayla Lynn: Top 25 Level 6 Trampoline, 11-12 age group
Ruby Wagoner: Top 15 Level 6 trampoline, 11-12 age group, top 10 level 6 double mini

Congratulations on an amazing season, we are so proud of all of you!

icon07/24/2021 - Talent Opportunity Program for Eagle Gymnasts

On Saturday, July 24, 2021 two of Eagle Gymnastics Academy girls team members participated in Tops Testing. Tops stands for Tops Opportunity Program and has been used as a tool over 25 years to find and nurture talent within USA Gymnastics. Athletes age 7-10 years perform 6 physical abilities tests (rope, let lifts, handstand holds, cast handstands, press handstands and flexibility), along with skill sequences on 4 events (vault, bars, beam, floor). 

This summer, Elise (9 years) was able to knock out perfect scores on rope climb, leg lifts, handstand holds and beam. Her teammate, Maliah (8 years) maxed out on handstand holds and presses. We are so proud of all the extra work these athletes have done over the past year and hope to see them qualify to National Testing in early October.