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 Eagle Athletes are Soaring Higher!

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icon11/12/2022 - 2022 World Age Group Champion in Bulgaria

Eagle Gymnastics Academy had two athletes and one coach participate in the World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships and World Age- Group Competition during the month of November in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Isaac and Coach Jared traveled with Team USA for five days of training camp from November 9-12th in the city of Santerem, just 45 minutes outside of Lisbon, and then World Championships started immediately following from November 14-19th where Isaac was to compete in individual  and synchronized trampoline and Coach Jared was one of the three Team USA trampoline coaches. 

Isaac had a superb competition completing all of his routines on trampoline in a strong field of 99 athletes where he finished in 30th, just 6 tenths of a point from moving on to the semi final round. The following morning, Isaac competed in synchronized trampoline. He and his synchro partner, Aliaksei Shostak, qualified into the finals where they had a well-executed routine and finished just out of the medals in 4th place. 

Skyelar met up with Coach Jared in Bulgaria with the rest of the United States age-group team on the 20th of November. Here Skye would compete in double mini trampoline and tumbling and Coach Jared was coaching the age-group tumbling team. Skye had 4 days of training then her first day of competition on the Friday the 25th for double mini trampoline. She had a brilliant preliminary round where she moved onto the final in 1st place. In the first round of finals Skye scored a 24.1 to put her in 2nd place and move her on the second round of the finals. Skye performed her best pass of the competition in this final round where she scored a 24.9 to win GOLD MEDAL and becoming the female age 13-14 year old WORLD CHAMPION on double mini!

Day two of the competition for Skye was for tumbling. Unfortunately, she woke up feeling quite ill that morning but insisted on trying to compete anyways. She later on after the competition tested positive for influenza. She gave it her all on the competition floor but was not able to perform her best where she placed out of the final in 22nd. 

Congratulations on yet another wonderful World Championships and World Age Group Championships.

We are so proud of Isaac, Skye and Coach Jared on the way they represented the USA and Eagle! 

icon12/03/2022 - Texas Judges Cup Evaluation

Our optional girls team jump started their competition season on Saturday, December 3, 2022 at the Texas Judges Evaluation. Athletes received score sheets from the judges outlining their strengths and areas for improvements in order to set them on right track for the season. The girls performed well. Highlights include Level 8 Zaria scoring a 9.4 on her massive vault, while Level 8 Elise was complimented by the judges on her confidence on beam. 

icon12/10/2022 - Men's Team First Meet of the 2022-2023 Season

We kicked off our 2023 season this year in Saginaw, TX on December 10th where we were able to showcase all the hard work the boys have put into the gym. 

The level 3s and 4s looked great in their first meet. Eduardo, Asa, Ethan, Chase and Clark all had a phenomenal day posting some of the top scores of their session and took home gold or silver medals in the all around as well as a first place Level 4 banner. We had many first time competitors for the level 3s were Elijah, Alex, Ben, Charlie, Knox and Asa who all put together full routines on 6 events. All around it was a great day for our younger competitors. 

Next we had our level 5 team, Carson and Mason were consistent on events and Yuva showed up on pommels with a huge 11.1 score as well as taking a bronze medal in the all around. Aeden took home a bronze on floor while Matthew took home a few silver medals. Camden had an awesome parallel bar routine with less than half a point in deduction and John Michael took home a silver in the all around. Zach R. was a solid Level 7 gymnast earning 2nd place on rings and vault. 

Optional team were up next and they came out strong with Level 8 Nash placing first on high bar with a 10.7. For the level 9, in the 13 year old age group, Simon earned 2nd place on pommels and 3rd place on high bar and Andrew dropped a huge 12.9 on parallel bars as well as competing and landing his double back off rings and high bar. In the 14 year old age group, Ryland took home a gold on pommels and earned 2nd place all around, while Aeden took second on pommels, rings and high bar for a 4th place all around finish. For level 10, Tyler catching his Tkachev on high bar, for the first time in competition, and teammate Caleb landed his double front on parallel bars. Zach H. also competed strong with a 3rd place finish on pommels.  

Altogether, the Eagle coaches were so pleased with the results of the first meet of the season and looking forward to seeing the boys progress through the rest of the 2023 season!

icon01/14/2023 - Men's Team are Successful in Houston

Anticipation builds at the Houston National Invitational as the crowd fills the stands and the gymnasts start their warmup routines. While this is the biggest competition of the year, some level headed leaders like Matthew M,. Zach R., and Nash S., kept their cool on day one to represent Eagle. Zachary earned 2nd place on parallel bars, Nash placed 2nd on high bar and the level 6s (Camden, Matthew, Aedan, John Michael) taking third place as a team, highlighted an exciting first day of competition. 

In the second day of competition, we saw Andrew start the day off strong, sticking all of his passes on floor exercise and winning the gold medal for his routines on parallel bars. Teammate Simon placed 6th all around and got the silver on parallel bars after showing a very clean routine. Tyler showed off his impressive sky high release move again in the level 10 session. 

On the last day of competition, the level 5s woke up early in the morning to compete. Carson showed an amazing resilience, showing very clean routines after having his glasses knocked off in warmups and Mason showed off an impressive Moy on parallel bars. Teammate Clark led the Level 4s in an amazing display of talent while Eduardo led the Level 3s to a second place finish in the last session. 

icon01/28/2023 - Texas Tough Trampoline and Tumbling Competition

This past weekend, January 28-29, 2023, our tumbling and trampoline team kicked off the competition season with their first meet in Arlington, TX at the Esports Stadium. Besides a few minor mistakes, our athletes performed above the coaches' expectations for the first competition. 

Out of 30 athletes competing, the team brought home a total of 38 gold medals, 15 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and 19 other top ten finishes and brought home the intermediate (Level 5-7) and advanced (level 8 and up) first place team awards. 

We look forward to watching our trampoline and tumbling team progress throughout the season. 

Up next for the team is the Metroplex Challenge competition in Ft. Worth, TX during the weekend of February 10-11, 2023. 

icon01/21/2023 - Sand Dollar Invitational in Orlando

Starting off our compulsory teams, our Level 3 girls team had a strong showing with every athlete reaching the podium. In Jr. A Ryan earned 3rd on bars and beam, 2nd on floor and finished in the top 5 of the all around. Destiny earned 3rd on floor and the all around and rounded out her meet with top 5 finishes on vault, bars and beam. In Jr B, Ella earned 3rd on floor and vault and finished in the top 5 in the all around. Sr A had Ryleigh, Emilie and Sofia competing. Ryleigh took home 3rd on vault, while Emilie took home 2nd on bars. Sofia rocked her meet earning 2nd on vault, 3rd on bars, and top 5 on beam, 1st on floor and 2nd in the all around. Congrats on the meet!

Level 4 also had a strong showing and took home 3rd place as a team! In Jr. A, Piper earned 2nd on bars and Coco earned 1st on vault and floor. Also competing Jr. A Anastasia earned 2nd on floor and had top 5 finishes on bars, beam and all around. Sr A had Harper, Isabella and Kennedy competing. Harper earned 1st on beam and had top 4 finishes on vault and floor. Isabella earned 1st on floor and 3rd on bars. Finishing up our Sr As, Kennedy earned 3rd on vault, 2nd on bars, top 5 on floor and 3rd all around. 

Level 5 had Emma, Vivi and Camryn competing. In the M Division, Emma earned 2nd on vault, top 4 on bars, 1st on beam, 3rd on floor and 1st in the all around. In the Y division, Vivi earned 3rd place on beam. 

This was the last meet of the season for our Compulsory Teams. Congratulations on a wonderful season ladies!

The level 6 team, consisting of Emmeline, Paige, and Alyssa, start of our optional teams. Emmeline earned 3rd on beam and 2nd on floor. Paige earned 3rd on bars, 1st on beam and 2nd all around. 

Competing Level 7 were Maliah, Reghan and Maycie. Alena, Jr. A earned 1st on vault and 3rd on bars and the all around. Maycie, Sr A, earned 1st on floor and place top 5 in the all around. 

Our Level 8 team saw both athletes finishing in the top 5 in the all around. Elise Jr. A earned top 5 on bars, and 3rd all around. Zaria, Sr B, earned 2nd on vault and 3rd on floor in addition to her top 5 all around. 

Our Level 9 (Emilia) and 10 (Ryan) athletes rounded out the competition. Ryan earned 1st on beam and had a top 5 finish on floor.

Good luck to our Optional Teams on the rest of their season as they make their journey to State! 

icon02/11/2023 - Girls Team Travel to Oklahoma

The girls team competed in the Nadia Comaneci Invitational the weekend of February 10-12, 2023. Level 5 VIvian K.,  received an autographed limited edition necklace for her outstanding performance on floor. Nadia only awarded 3 athletes each session with the honor. 

Standout performances include:

Level 5: Vivian K., 1st on floor, 2nd on vault, 3rd on beam and top 5 on bars and aa
Level 6: Paige M., 2nd on vault, top 5 AA, Emmaline P., 2nd on floor, Alyssa V., top 5 on beam
Level 7: Alena H., 3rd on vault and beam, top 5 aa, Reghan S., top 5 on vault, Maliah L., top 5 on vault, Maycie N., top 5 floor
Level 8: Zaria V., 1st on vault, 2nd on beam, 3rd AA and top 5 on bars and floor, Elisa M., Top 5 on beam
Level 10: Ryan G., top 10 vault, beam and floor

icon02/11/2023 - Metroplex Challenge Results

On February 10-11, 2023, our trampoline and tumbling team participated in the Metroplex Challenge in Fort Worth, TX. Team Eagle had a great showing at their second competition of the season. In total, there was 31, first place medals, 12- second place finishes, 8 third place results and 29 other top 10 finishes.

Congrats on a great competition everyone! This weekend, we look forward to hosting the Dare to Soar Competition! Good luck to everyone! 

icon02/17/2023 - Girls Team Competes in the Ford Center

The girls team competed in the Ford Center at the Woga Classic the weekend of February 16-19, 2023. Over 3,000 athletes competed across 5 different gyms. Though there were a few bobbles, several of our athletes finished with personal bests in the largest venues. 

Standout performances include:

Level 5: Vivian K., 2nd on floor and top 10 vault and and beam
Level 6: Paige M., 1st on beam, 2nd on bars, 3rd aa and top 10 on vault, Alyssa V., 2nd on beam, Emmeline P., top 10 on bars and beam and AA
Level 7: Reghan S., 2nd on beam top 5 on vault, top 10 bars and AA, Alena H., top 5 on vault and top 10 AA, Maycie N., top 5 on bars and top 10 on bars and AA
Level 8: Elise M., top 5 on floor, top 10 on vault and beam and AA
Level 9: Emilia A, top 10 on beam
Level 10: Ryan G., top 5 beam, top 10 vault, floor and AA

Only one more meet until the Championship Journey begins! Good luck ladies!

icon02/24/2023 - Dare to Soar Competition for Tumbling and Trampoline

On February 25-26, 2023, our Tumbling and Trampoline team hosted the Dare to Soar Competition at the Performance Indoor Training Center in Frisco, TX. Team Eagle had a great showing at their second competition of the season. In total, there was 38 first place medals, 21 second place finishes, 8 third place medals and 18 other top 10 finishes. Congrats on a great competition. 

The level 8 through Elite group has a quick turn around this week as they are traveling to Daytona Beach, Florida for the Winter Classic competition. This kicks off the first of three competitions where our elite athletes are eligible to earn points towards being selected for World Championships and/or the World Age Group Competition. 

Safe travels and good luck to everyone... GO TEAM EAGLE!

icon01/28/2023 - Friendship Invite for Men's Team

The level 3 team started their Saturday bright and early competing at the 2023 Friendship Invite. Individually, all boys showed grit and progress. Some boys, like Ethan S. added bonuses to up their start value, while others showed that they have been working on a word that Coach Zach has been preaching in practice for the past couple of weeks, presentation. 

This hard work led to some great finishes. Some highlights include Eduardo E. getting second place AA with a gold medal on high bar. Asher W. snatching the gold medal on still rings, and Charlie P. tying for third place on rings. 

As a group, the boys took home second place, honors and made the coaches very proud. We look forward to the 2023 Metroplex Invitational!

icon02/10/2023 - Horton Challenge for Men's Team

The boys team competed at the Fort Worth Convention Center at the Horton Invitational on February 10-12, 2023. The level 3 boys started strong with 59 top 10 finishes with several top 3 including: Jr. A division Eduardo led the team with 1st place on floor, pommels, rings, parallel bars and AA. Charlie placed 3rd AA by winning vault and placing 2nd on floor and rings and Ben earned 1st place on p-bars. 

In the Jr C division, Ayaan lead his group with 1st place on pbars, high bar and AA and Asher placed 2nd on rings. In the Sr C division, Ethan placed 1st on rings and 3rd on vault and AA and Asa placed 2nd on floor and pommels. 

The level 4 boys had a good showing, Cayson (Jr. C) is improving his AA score and placed 1st on pommels, Clark (Jr C) also won pommels and Chase (Sr C) placed 4th AA. Our Level 5 boys- Mason, Carson and Yuva had 12 top 10 finishes and Yuva placed 1st on parallel bars and 3rd on rings. 

Level 6 team had a tough competition and the coaches would like to recognize Aeden for doing a great flyaway from high bar, Camden working hard to improve his all around score, Matthew for placing 4th on parallel bars and 6th on rings and John Michael is working hard to improve his AA after his ankle injury. Level 7 Zach R. had an excellent meet placing 2nd on floor and parallel bars and 3rd AA. The level 8 athlete, Nash, earned 21st on floor and 2nd on high bar and finishing 6th AA. 

Last up was the Level 9 group and they earned 2nd team award!! In the Jr. A division, Simon earned 2nd place on floor, rings, pbars and AA and Andrew placed 1st on pommels and 3rd on pbars. In the Jr. B division, Aiden placed 6th on high bar and in the Sr. B division, Ryland placed 2nd on floor and 4th AA. 

Way to go Eagle!

icon02/17/2023 - Luikin Invitational for Men's team

Over the weekend of February 17-19, 2023, the Men's team competed at the Luikin Invitational in Frisco, TX. The boys team pulled out all the stops and had fantastic showing in all events and all age categories. 

Level 3 team placed 2nd in the team awards and the Level 4 team placed 4th with the top 3 finishes counting for the total score. The top finishers were Ayaan and he placed 2nd on high bar and 3rd on floor, pommels and AA. Charlie also did well and placed 1st on high bar and 2nd on rings. His teammate Asher was also on the podium and took home 1st on rings. Lastly, Chase wore a gold medal around his neck for his work on floor. 

The level 6 team also made the coaches very happy with their perseverance and patience and Camden, John Michael and Aeden all had a very good meet and raised their AA score by 3 points from the last meet!

Later on over the weekend, Level 8 Nash is showing improvement on every event each meet and Level 9 Simon had an excellent AA score and finished 2nd all around. Teammate Andrew had his best AA score of the season and Aiden had a good meet raising his AA score and placing 5th on rings. 

The last group to compete, the Level 10 team, Eli and Caleb had their first meet of the season after recovering from injury and they were so excited to be back on the competition floor. Zach also had an excellent meet also raising his AA score by 6 points and teammate Tyler placed 3rd on rings. 

Way to go Eagle and good luck at the next meet, at North State Championships!

icon03/03/2023 - Winter Classic in Daytona Florida

Our trampoline and tumbling level 8 through Elite team participate in the 2023 Winter Classic in Daytona Beach, Florida over the weekend of March 3-5, 2023. 

The team really FIRED IT UP! Of the 18 participants that attended, team Eagle brought home 6- 1st place, 4- 2nd place, 5- 3rd place and 18 other top 10 finishes. 

Congratulations to Isaac R. for placing first in the Men's Senior Elite Individual Trampoline. This is his first domestic win as a Senior Elite, placing him first in the ranking towards World Championships. In addition to Isaac R., earning points towards World Championships, Grace E. (trampoline), Kate A. (Trampoline), and Skye H. (Tumbling) all earned points to be eligilble for the World Age Group Competition. 

Up next for the whole team is to travel to Austin, TX for the Championships Classic at the end of March. 

Go Eagle!

icon03/03/2023 - Rose City Classic for Women's Team

The Eagle Gymnastics Girls Team competed at the Rose City Classic the weekend of March 3-5, 2023. The Level 7 team took home 2nd place at the last competition before State!

Standout Performances include: 
Level 5: Vivian K. 1st on floor, 2nd on beam, 3rd on vault, top 5 AA
Level 6: Paige M. 1st on vault, top 5 bars and AA
Level 7: Alena H. 1st on vault, top 5 on beam and AA. Reghan S. 1st on bearm, Maliah L. 3rd on bars, Maycie N. 3rd on bars, Emmeline P. 2nd on beam, 3rd on vault and top 5 floor and AA
Level 8: Elise M. 1st on beam, top 5 on floor and AA
Level 10: Ryan G. top 5 on vault, bars, beam, floor and AA. 

Congratulations to all of the girls team! Strong showing!

icon03/10/2023 - Level 8 State Results for Girls Team

Over the weekend of March 11-12, 2023, there were 266 girls that competed at the Level 8 Texas State Championships. The goal of the weekend was to qualify to the Level 8 Regionals hosted in Oklahoma City, OK on the weekend of April 21-23, 2023. After starting the competition with uncharacteristic mistakes on her first two events, Elise rallied back. She became a REGION 3 QUALIFIER after vault, when she landed her Yurchenko for the first time in competition. Way to go Elise!

icon03/10/2023 - North State Championships for Eagle Boys Team

The boys team have been hard at work preparing for the North State Championships and had their best meet of the year earning 8 STATE TITLES

In the level 3 group, Ethan became the STATE CHAMPION on rings, high bar and AA and his teammate Asa placed 2nd in the All Around. The level 4 team showed up and showed out by placing 3rd as a team and Clark earned STATE TITLE on high bar and AA. Chase also won the STATE TITLE on high bar.

For the Level 5 team, Yuva had a strong showing placing 2nd on vault and parallel bars and his teammates also had personal bests. In the level 6 session, all four Eagle gymnasts, John Michael, Matthew, Camden and Aeden finished in the top 6 All around. Great job level 6!

In the Level 7 and 8 competition, Zach (Level 7), showed off the hard work he has been putting into cleaning up his routines and Nash earned the STATE TITLE on floor with a 12.1

The level 9 team took the honor of 3rd place team with Andrew winning STATE TITLE on pommels and Level 10's also looked great after their journey from back injury.

All of our boys have qualified to the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held in April. Great job Eagle!

icon03/17/2023 - Level 6 team rounds out Season

Our Level 6 team closed out their competitive season on March 17, 2023 in Weatherford, Texas. Paige M. (Sr C4) finished 2nd on beam and top 5 on vault and AA. Teammate, Alyssa (Sr C5) placed 3rd on beam and top 5 on vault, bars and AA. Great job this season ladies. We are so proud of you! 

icon04/01/2023 - Tumbling Team is tumbling to great results

Our tumbling and trampoline team had their last regular season competition over April 1-2, 2023 in Austin, Texas. Of the 34 participants, team Eagle brought home 34 first place medals, 16 second place finishes, 8 third placings and 16 other top 10 finishes. 

In addition to travelling to Austin, TX, coach Jared and Skye H. attended tumbling and Double Mini National Team Camp in Draper, Utah. This was the first National Team camp of the 2023 season for the Tumbling and Double Mini National team and was very successful weekend for Skye and Coach Jared. Way to go you two! 

Up next for the team is North Texas State Championships where level 5-7 athletes look to qualify for the Stars and Stripes Championships and Level 8-Elite athletes aim to qualify for USA Gymnastics Championships. Good luck in two weeks Team Eagle!

icon04/01/2023 - State Champions Revealed

The level 7 team competed at State Championships the weekend of April 1-2, 2023. The team tied for 4th Small man Team against 35 teams in the State. Emmeline became STATE CHAMPION on vault, floor and all around in the SrB4 division. She took bronze on bars as well. MVP Alena boosted the team total by contributing on all 4 event scores. She also earned silver on vault, bars and all around in the JrB3 division. In the Jr A1 division, Maliah took silver on floor, while in the Sr B3 division, Maycie received bronze on bars. Reghan rounded out the squad in the Jr C1 division finishing top 5 on bars and beam. 

Next up for the squad is Regionals in Little Rock, AR. Dare to Soar!

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