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We carefully screen our staff to ensure they believe in our positive methods of coaching to help children reach their full potential.  Our coaches are Safety Certified through USA Gymnastics and attend Coaching clinics whenever they can to help them stay knowledgeable about the best training methods.


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Ailey Shollenberger- Recreational Coach


Almir Tagliari- Boys Team Coach

Coach Piti has been coaching since 1985 and with Eagle Gymnastics since May 2017. He has his Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from Brazil. He was the Head Coach in Brazil at the University of Passo Fundo and has been coaching in the USA since 2001. Coach Piti was also a former gymnast in Brazil earning numerous State, Regional and National titles.

Coach Piti was a Men's Junior Olympic and Junior Elite coach and his boys earned many National, Regional and State Titles. He can teach any and all levels of gymnastics but his true passion is developing the boys program and to make champions out of these young men. His knowledge is vast and we are honored to have him working with Eagle and the boys team. 

USAG Safety Certified
USAG Professional Member
CPR and First Aid Certified


Bethany Swaney- Recreational Coach and Developmental Coach

Bethany has been coaching since 2001 and with Eagle since 2007. She is the proud mother of three beautiful children and she brings her love and care as a mother to her classes. Her bright smile and enthusiasm brings so much energy and happiness to each class she teaches.  Bethany loves coaching and helping her athletes soar to new heights! 


CPR & First Aid Certified

USA Gymnastics Safety Certification



Carol Van Biezen, Owner

Carol has been involved with gymnastics since a very young age and trained with the U of C gymnastics and tumbling teams while working on her degree. She represented Canada at the Power Tumbling World Championships in Germany in 1990 with a 3rd place finish and in New Zealand in 1992 with a 5th place finish. She has been coaching many levels of gymnastics and tumbling since 1988 and has helped lead her athletes to many Provincial, District and State titles in tumbling and gymnastics.

Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Calgary, Alberta, CANADA, 1992.


  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certification and professional member since 1994
  • National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP) - Level 3 Theory
  • NCCP - Gymnastics - Level 1 & 2
  • NCCP - Trampoline - Level 1 & 2
  • Athletic First Aid & CPR Certified
  • National USA Gymnastics Compulsory Clinic 1996 & 2004
  • National USA Gymnastics Congress - 1996 & 2006
  • Gymnastics Assocation of Texas Seminars
  • KAT - Kinder Accreditation Training for teachers
  • CAT II Judge - Power Tumbling


Chloe Avezzano- Recreational Coach and Front Office Administrator

Chloe was a competitive cheerleander and was an NCA National Champion.  She loves helping her young athletes reach their goals and her sweet disposition has made her one of Eagle's favorite coaches. Chloe is in high demand from the parents to teach their kids. She not only teaches her students gymnastics but also how to become and strive to be impressive young individuals. Chloe has been teaching since 2010 but with Eagle since 2012. 


First Aid & CPR Certified.

CJ Uldrich- Recreational Coach


Dori Rembecki- Recreational and Summer Camp Coach

Dori has been coaching at Eagle Gymnastics Academy since July 2015. She has a passion for horse jumping and loves to help families on her annual mission trips around the world. She is CPR and First Aid certified and is in her second year of college. She is a very patient and caring young lady and she earns respect from her students and they love having her as their coach. 


Drew Collins-Recreational and Tumbling and Trampoline Team Coach

Drew has over 18 years of experience as an athlete and just simply being in the gym. He has been coaching since 2007 and has been at Eagle since November 2016. He has been on the USA National Tumbling and Trampoline team but started out as a gymnast then found another passion in Tumbling. He has travelled to many countries representing USA and is known as the tallest tumbler in the USA. He is CPR and First Aid certified and went to college ofr Liberal Arts. Drew is also a category 2 Tumbling and Trampoline judge and with his knowledge, he passes that along to his students. 

U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
T200 Trampoline & Tumbling Development Coaches Course
T201 Trampoline & Tumbling Development Coaches Course: Hands on Training
T315 Trampoline & Tumbling State Clinic

Elias Anderson- Recreational Coach

Finley Westby- Recreational Coach


Ginger Fox, Owner

Ginger has a dipoma in Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal College in Calgary, AB, Canada and has been coaching gymnastics since 1986. Ginger has coached all levels of gymnasts from the tiny tot to the competitive athlete and has helped lead many gymnasts to District and State titles.

Ginger was also a successful competitive gymnast competing Nationally throughout Canada in artistic gymnastics and Power tumbling. She represented Canada at the World Power Tumbling Championships in New Zealand in 1992 and finished 7th.

Graduate in Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal College, AB, CANADA, 1993


  • National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP) - Level 3 Theory
  • NCCP - Gymnastics - Level 1 & 2
  • NCCP - Trampoline - Level 1 & 2
  • Athletic First Aid & CPR Certified
  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certification
  • National USA Gymnastics Compulsory Clinic 2004


Harrison Kaster- Recreational Coach and Developmental T & T Coach

Harrison been coaching with Eagle Gymnastics as a coach for a couple of years but has been a part of Eagle since he was a gymnast when he was 7 years old. He worked hard in our classes and soon became a member of the boys team for Eagle. He represented himself and Eagle for many years as a gymnast and earned multiple State, Regional and National Championships throughout his gymnastics career. He soon retired from gymnastics and competed in diving in High School. Harrison again also earned many titles in diving and qualified for Texas State Championships placing 11th AA.

Harrison is a very responsible young man who wears his heart on his sleeve. He thrives to learn and he thrives to pass along his knowledge to his students. The students in his classes will not only get a great workout, they will also learn to be responsible with their gymnastics and the choices that they make. 

CPR and First Aid Certification


Isaac Rowley-Recreational and T & T Team Coach

Isaac has gymnastics in his blood. He has been in the gym for over 14 years and has been a competitive trampolinist for over 7 years. He has been coaching since 2014 and joined our team here at Eagle Gymnastics in December 2016. He has many Tumbling and Trampoline titles to his name at such a young age. He was an optional developmental team member in 2010-2012 and was a World Age Group competitor from 2013-2015. In 2015 he also became a Junior National Champion and team member and is still to this day. 

Safety Certified
First aid and CPR certified

Athlete Accomplishments
Optional Development Team Member: 2010- 2012
World Age Group Member: 2013-2015
Junior National Champion: 2015
Junior National Team Member: 2015
Pacific Rim Championships: 2016
World Cup Team Member : 2017 in Belarus

Jalyssa Mercado- Recreational Coach


Jared Olsen-Tumbling and Trampoline Team Head Coach

Jared has been coaching since 1993 and started at Eagle Gymnastics in November 2016. He is CPR and First Aid certified and is on the National Tumbling coaching staff since 2009. Throughout his career, he was a tumbler for 19 years and travelled to Portugal, Canda, South Africa, Denmark and Germany representing USA as a National Tumbling and Trampoline Member. He has his Athletic Training Major and loves to help his athletes reach their goals. 

USAG Safety Certified
USAG Professional Member
CPR and First Aid Certified
Safe Sport Certified
Developmental Coach of the Year 2017


John Bartlett- Girls Team Coach


Karen Weaver- Recreational Coach

Karen has been coaching since 2006 but has been with Eagle since 2008. Karen is the mother to 4 wonderful children who have all grown up in Eagle. Karen continues to bring her wonderful spirit and positive attitude to the gym which brings so much joy to our programs.  She works hard to help all of her gymnasts excel and is an excellent addition to our staff.

Communications Major from Baylor University
CPR and First Aid Certifications

Leina Shollenberger- Recreational Coach

Logan McCullough- Recreational Coach

Makenna Vinson- Recreational Coach

Maritza Mack- Recreational and Girls Team Coach

Maritza started her gymnastics career at Eagle Gymnastics when she was only 6 years old. She began in our recreational program and then quickly advanced into our competitive program. She continued her career and then began coaching. She has been coaching for over 3 years, graduated with a Bachelor of Science from UNT and decided to come back to the gym where she started. 

We are loving having her back in the gym, she is wonderful with her students, has learned how to manage the front office and is currently passing along her knowledge to our competitive girls team. She has a bright future here again with  us and we are so pleased to see her in the gym.  

Morgan Gill- Recreational Coach


Myke Saylor- Recreational Coach, Front Office & Home School program coordinator

Myke has been coaching gymnastics since 1991 and we are happy to have her energy and enthusiasm here at Eagle!  Myke was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader and strives to help her young gymnasts reach their goals. She coordinates all of our homeschool open gym programs and enjoys connecting with the families that she teaches. She is the mother of two children and enjoys volunteering with her Church Youth Group.

University of Texas, Dallas - Communications, Arts & Humanities


  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certification
  • GAT Conferences Annually 1996-2010
  • CPR & First Aid
  • USAG Compulsory training camps - 2005, 2009
  • TOPS training camp - 2000
  • USA Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling Level 1
  • Category 3 Judge for tumbling and trampoline

Nevan Douglas- Recreational and Competitive Coach

Nevan was a competitive gymnast for many years and retired when her was in level 9. He then concentrated on his academics and was also a huge part and Drum Major for Wakeland High School. He is currently coaching our competitive boys program and also assists when and wherever we need him. He is Safety Certified and also CPR certified. Welcome aboard Nevan.

Penny Underwood- Recreational Coach and T & T Judge

Petra Knall- Recreational Coach

Stephen Mathis- Team boys coach

Stephen worked for Eagle Gymnastics for 12 years. He started out as a recreational coach and quickly advanced into an incredible team coach. He produced numerous North State, State and Regional Champions and was a vital part of the Future Stars Program at Eagle. He had a short break from Eagle Gymnastics while he concentrated on his studies, he is now back again to work with the Eagle Boys team and we are excited to see what the future holds. 

Susan Gill- Recreational Coach


Tina Rawlins- Recreational & Girls Team Coach, Kindergym & Special Events Coordinator

Tina has taught all levels of gymnastics since 1993, from the tiny tot through the competitive level athlete.  She is also certified as a personal trainer and her committment to teaching strong, technical gymnastics makes her a valuable part of Eagle's staff.  Tina joined Eagle in July 2009 and coordinates our Preschool Program as well as coaches our recreational and competitive programs.


  • IFPA Personal Training Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • Continuing education courses through IFPA and USA Gymnastics
    CPR and First aid certified


  • Safety Certification
  • KAT - Kinder Accredition for Teachers
  • U100 - Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
  • U103 Gymnastics Fitness
  • U200 Development Coaches Course
  • U310 - USA Gymnastics Region 3 Congress - 2006 & 2013
  • U202 - Women's Meet Director
  • W300 - Womens Junior Olympic Coaches Course
  • W400 - Womens National Coaches Course

Vanessa Douglas, Front Office Administrator

Vanessa has over 20 years of customer service experience. Both of her children began recreational classes with Eagle years ago and in time they tried other sports and events. Vanessa worked in various positions, at her church, in a bank, at Macy's and was always willing to volunteer to help with her children's events and sports. 

She has such a positive outlook on life, is always so cheerful and greets everyone with a smile. She is so glad to be back with our Eagle family and we are so glad to have her back too. 

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