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Recreational Program

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This program is designed to help the gymnast learn strong basic tumbling skills that will benefit them in either their gymnastics classes or cheerleading programs.  Our program is divided into 5 levels, each containing important skills, drills and progressions that the athlete will master before advancing to the next level.

LEVEL 1 - BEGINNER - This level of class will focus on teaching strong safety skills necessary for any level of tumbling and will focus on rolls, landings, handstand and cartwheel skills.

LEVEL 2 - ADVANCED BEGINNER - For athletes who have a strong cartwheel and roundoff, this level introduces progressions and drills for front and back handsprings.

LEVEL 3 - INTERMEDIATE - This level continues with strong basic skills and focuses on teaching the Roundoff-Backhandspring connected.

LEVEL 4 - ADVANCED 1 - By invitation only.  Athletes must have a strong roundoff-backhandspring as this class focuses on teaching tumbling passes containing 3-4 skills and works on standing saltos.

LEVEL 5 - ADVANCED 2 - By invitation only.  Athletes must have be confident in tumbling several backhandsprings in a row to enroll in this class.  Back tuck, layout and twisting skills are focused on in this class.