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 Eagle Athletes are Soaring Higher!

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icon01/10/2020 - National Judges Cup in California

The Eagle Gymnastics women's team traveled to San Jose, California to compete at the National Judges Cup Invitational hosted on January 10-12, 2020. Our level 4 teams walked away with the FIRST PLACE title. 

Our level 9 gymnast, Ryan (Jr A) kicked the weekend off taking top 10 place on vault, beam, floor and AA. The level 4 & 5 team were up next. Anaya (Jr) led the level 4's to victory scoring the highest All Around of the session. She also placed 1st on vault and bars and 3rd on floor. Teammate Alyssa (Jr) placed 1st on beam and floor and took 2nd on bars and all around. Emmeline (Child) and Paige (Jr) rounded out the team with Emmeline finishing 1st on vault and beam. Top 5 finishes for the Level 5 team include: Erin (Sr) for bars, Zaria (Sr) for vault and floor and Amy (Sr) vault. 

On Sunday, the level 6,7 and 8 athletes closed the weekend. Level 6, Makenna (Sr B) earned 1st on vault and 3rd on bars, while teammate Kiersten (Sr B) landed 2nd on beam. Feeling a little under the weather, Level 7 Saniyah (Jr B) finished 1st on vault and 2nd on beam. Top 10 finishes for the level 8 team include: Allie (Sr A) for vault, Reese (Jr) for beam, Taryn (Sr) for vault,bars, floor and AA.

Next up for the team is Texas Prime on the weekend of January 17-10, 2020. Good luck Girls!

icon01/11/2020 - Boys Team Rocked at Rockwall Invitational

Saturday, January 11, 2020 the Eagle Level 4 & 5 boys team competed in their second competition at the Rockwall Invitational. The level 4 boys team had a fantastic meet taking first place team award. 

Individual highlights from the meet are as follows:
Level 4- ages 6-8 yrs old:
Matthew won AA, first on pommels, rings, vault and parallel bars
John Michael took 7th on floor, 3rd on pommels and rings, 5th on parallel bars and high bar and 4th AA
Mason placed 5th on pommels, vault and rings, 4th on parallel bars and 5th all around

Level 4- ages 9 and older:
Ryan placed 4th floor and high bar, 2nd on vault and parallel bars, 3rd on rings and all around
Kenneth in his first meet ever, scored an amazing 10.3 on high bar taking 1st place

For the Level 5 team
8 year old division:
Liam and Wyatt had a great second meet. Both boys tied with each other on rings taking 1st place.
Liam went on to take 1st on pommels, 6th on floor, 4th on vault, 3rd on parallel bars.
Wyatt took 5th on parallel bars and 4th on high bar and 3rd all around.

A very impressive weekend and the coaches are so pleased with how the boys performed and continue to learn how to compete and be a great representative of Eagle Gymnastics. 

icon01/17/2020 - Eagle Girls Team Compete at Texas Prime

The Eagle Gymnastics women's team competed at Kim Zemeskal's Texas Prime Invitational from January 17-19th. Our Level 4 & 5 teams won 1st and 3rd place team respectively. 

On Friday, the level 8 & 9 athletes took to the floor. Level 9, Ryan (Jr A) placed top 5 on floor, while Pallie (Jr B) finished top 10 on vault and AA. Level 8's Lila (Jr B( and Allie (Jr C) earned podium finishes on beam placing 3rd and 2nd respectively. Allie also finished top 5 AA while Taryn finished top 5 on floor. Reese (Jr A) rounded out the squad.

On Saturday, the level 6 & 7 athletes showed off their routines. First up were the level 7 team and Saniyah (Jr B) took 1st on vault and floor. Lindsay (Jr A) took top 5 on beam, while Amelia (Jr A) took top 5 on vault. Emila (Jr B) rounded out the team placing top 10 on vault, bars, floor and AA. Level 6 Kiersten (Sr A) placed top 5 on vault & beam, while Makenna (Sr A) finished top 5 on vault. 

The compulsory teams rocked out on Sunday. The level 4 team kicked the morning off hitting 32 out of 32 routines. Joslynn (Jr B) led the squad taking 1st on beam and AA, 2nd on floor and 3rd on bars. Teammate Kathryn (Jr B) was close behind finishing 2nd on vault, bars and AA and 3rd on floor. Ryleigh (Jr B) nabbed 1st on bars & 3rd on beam. In the Sr A division, Maycie placed 1st on bars & beam and 2nd on floor and AA, while Emmeline finished 2nd on vault & bars and 3rd on beam. In the Sr B division, Anaya won her consecutive AA title She also placed 2nd on vault, bars & beam. Alyssa finished 1st on beam & floor and 3rd on bars and AA while Paige tied for 2nd on beam. 

Level 3's were up next with Elise (Jr B) placing 1st on bars, floor & AA and 3rd on vault and beam, while teammate Harper (Jr B) finished 3rd on vault and floor. Senior A Emma finished 3rd on vault, bars, beam & AA, while Senior B Julia took 2nd on beam. 

The level 5 team closed out the weekend with Erin (Sr A) taking 1st on bars & AA. She also placed 2nd on beam and 3rd on floor. Morgan (Sr A) placed 1st on vault, Zaria
(Sr A) placed 3rd on floor. In the Junior B division, Brynlee placed 1st on bars. Amy (Sr A) rounded out the team. 

Next up for the team is WOGA classic on the weekend of January 31- February 2nd. Good luck Girls! 

icon01/18/2020 - Men's Team travel to Katy Texas

What a weekend of amazing gymnastics! On the morning of January 17, 2020 our level 10 team and Aiden in the Level 7 group were first up. Aiden did very well competing in a playing field of 54 competitors from all over the USA. At the same time, different arena, 15 year old Chase took home 3rd place on rings and earned a spot in the event finals. At the same time competing, 16 year old Max worked hard on his routines and earned 7th on vault, 11th on pommel horse and parallel bars. 

The next session was the Junior Development level. Zach became the champion on floor, pommels and all around and also earned 2nd on vault, rings, high bar and 3rd on parallel bars. Noah, in the same category, earned 4th on vault, 5th on rings and parallel bars and all around. Also at the same time, in the 17-18 year old division, Jack earned an all time high score of 14.1 on vault and 6th place all around to also earn a spot to the event finals. Teammate Paul, took home 9th on pommel horse and Samir earned 11th on high bar. In the 18 year old division, Jordan received 7th on parallel bars. 

The next day, January 18, 2020 was the level 6,8 and 9 team's turn. In the level 6 group, first up was the 11-12 year old division. Mace and Zach R had amazing showing and Zach took home 6th on vault and 8th on pommel horse. For the level 8 team, the competition was tough, but the boys kept plugging along and ending up on the podium. The youngest group to start was Matthew B who has finally come back form injury and has all new routine to master, teammate Cortland earned 4th place on vault with his huge front handspring. The next session was the 13-14 year old young men. Josh earned 2nd on floor, pommels, parallel bars and 4th all around. Ryland earned 3rd on floor, 4th on rings and vault and 6th on parallel bars and teammate Tyler took home 5th on high bar. 

The level 9 group took to the floor and 13 year old Kaeden earned 2nd on floor and 5th on pommels. For the 14 year old group, Elias, Trey and Caleb all did amazing and Caleb took home 9th on rings and 10th on high bar. Matthew D. in the 15 year old division, ran away with 2nd on pommels, rings, vault, high bar and AA. Teammate Luke grabbed 2nd on floor and parallel bars and 4th on pommels, vault, high bar and all around. 

The very last and most exciting session of the day was the event finals. Eagle had two of their own on this event, Chase came out ahead with an 8th on rings, and Jack also earned 8th on vault in their respective age group and levels. 

There was a lot of gymnastics this weekend, and the boys team continue to improve with each adventure. The boys had a few falls on some new skills, but also hit many new skills that they performed for the first time! The boys came back to the gym excited to work and to prepare for out next competition at Valeri Liukin on January 31st. Good luck!

icon01/31/2020 - Undefeated Level 4 Season Concludes at WOGA Classic

The Eagle Gymnastics women's team competed at WOGA Classic from January 31- Feb 2nd at the Star in Frisco. Our optionals kicked off the weekend competing on Friday, while the compulsories concluded the competition on Sunday during the Superbowl. Our level 4 team secured the team title solidifying their dominance as a group for the season.

Level 4's were led by veteran Emmeline (Jr C) who placed 1st on vault, beam, floor and AA. Teammate Maycie (Jr C) secured 1st on bars and floor. In the Jr A division, Joslynn earned 1st on beam & floor, while Kathryn took 1st on bars. Joslynn finished 2nd AA, while Kat racked up 2nd on floor and 3rd on beam and AA. In the Jr. B division, Ryleigh placed 1st on beam & floor and 3rd AA. In the Sr. A division, Anaya and teammate Alyssa tied for 2nd AA. Anaya also placed 1st on bars and 3rd on vault, while Alyssa placed 2nd on floor and 3rd on bars. Paige (Jr C) and Ella (Jr B) rounded out the team with the former placing on the podium on bars.

Level 3's were led to a hard-earned 4th place team finish by Elise (Jr B) who took home a personal trophy placing 1st on vault & AA and 2nd on floor. Harper (Jr B) secured a couple of titles as well as taking 1st on bars & beam and 3rd AA. Emma (Jr C) placed 1st on bars and 3rd AA, while Julia (Sr A) placed 1st on beam. 

After a couple of missteps on the first event, the level 5's rallied back to take 3rd place. Brynlee (Jr B) led the squad placing 1st on vault and 2nd on beam, floor & AA. In the senior A division, Morgan and Zaria tied for 1st on vault. Morgan also finished 2nd AA and 3rd on beam, while Zaria placed 2nd on floor and 3rd AA. Erin and Amy rounded out the squad with the latter earning 3rd on vault & floor.

Our optional teams are at the start of their season. There were a couple of hits and a couple of misses, but overall the athletes are continuing to build confidence and consistency as they refine their competitive skills. Podium finishes for the optional athletes include: Emilia (L7 Jr B) 1st on floor, 2nd on bars, 3rd on floor; Saniyah (L7 Sr) 1st vault, Lila (L8 Jr B) 3rd on floor; Taryn (L8 Jr B) 2nd on floor; Ryan (L9 JrA) 3rd on floor: and Pallie (L9 Jr B) 3rd on floor.

Next up for the team is Nadia Invitational in Oklahoma City, OK. Good luck girls!

icon01/31/2020 - Boys team successful at Valeri Liukin Invitational

The weekend of January 31- February 2, 2020 it was an action packed 3 days of gymnastics at The Star in Frisco for the Valeri Invitational. The Eagle Gymnastics Academy were well represented by the level 4- Level 10 athletes and plenty of hardware was brought home for their hard work.

The level 8's boys would be the first team up. Thirteen old Ryland earned 2nd on floor and 6th on rings, and brother Tyler took home 4th on vault, 5th on high bar and 8th AA. Josh grabbed 6th on pommel horse. In the 11-12 year old division, Cortland and Matthew earned a new high score all around individually.
Competing at the same time was the 13-14 year old Level 9's and JD divisions. Zack in JD group won 1st on pommel horse and took AA. He also earned 2nd on floor, vault, and parallel bars. His teammate Noah won 1st on rings, 7th on parallel bars and 8th AA.
Eagle's level 9, Caleb also had a new high AA score and took home 2nd on floor and rings and 3rd on parallel bars. He also earned 5th on pommels and AA. In the 13-14 year old division, Kaeden, Elias, and Trey all completed their routines and Trey took home 7th on vault. For the 15 year old group, Matt won 1st on pommel horse, 4th on vault and 3rd AA. Luke in the same age group took a 2nd on rings, 3rd on parallel bars, 4th on pommels, and 5th AA. What a fantastic way to finish up the day one of the competition. 

Day two was now time for our Level 10 young men to take to the floor. In the 17-18 year old division, Jordan had a stellar meet receiving a new personal AA best and winning 2nd on rings, 5th on pommel horse and vault, 8th on floor, and 5th AA. Samir tied 6th on parallel bars and 7th on high bar. Teammate Jack earned a couple of 8th place awards on rings and vault. 
In the Level 10 group, and 15-16 year old division, it was a full house with Chase, Max and Jack M, with Jack M. tying for 6th and 7th on pommels. 
At the end of day two, the coaches witnessed a lot of great skills and gymnastics, but the boys had a few falls to go with it. This is all the learning part of the season and not a bad showing at all. 

It is now Sunday, and the third day of competition and the day for Compulsory teams to hit the floor. Our level 7 boys opened the mornings with Aiden and Jake representing. This was the first for Jake returning from an injury.
The level 6 team, Zach and Mace, competed in the second session and Mace placed 6th on pommel horse.
During the fourth session of the day, our level 4 boys team had an outstanding meet. Competing in the 7-8 year old age group, Matthew took the all around title and placed 1st on rings, parallel bars and high bar. His teammate, John was second all around and was 1st place on pommel horse. Mason had a great meet as well finishing 2nd on rings and 6th overall. Competing for the 8 and over age group, Ryan took the all around title as well as first place on vault and parallel bars. Teammate Ken made the podium and took home the gold on rings and 7th all around. In his first competition, ever, Camden took home a 5th on high bar while finishing up 10th all around. 

The final session featured a little NFL Game, the Super Bowl, and our level 5 boys shone through the jump Tron distractions and came out very impressive as a team. Liam sadly missed the meet due to an injury, but his teammate Wyatt had a fantastic day. Wyatt was very consistent and was 4th and 5th place finishes on pommel horse, rings and parallel bars. Wyatt also ended the day 4th all around and to top it all off, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. 

icon02/22/2020 - Eagle Athletes Compete on Podium

The Eagle Gymnastics women's team competed at Nadia Comaneci Invitational on February 21-23rd at the Cox Convention Center at Oklahoma City. The level 6 & 7s competed in exhibit hall 3 on Saturday, while the level 8's & 9's competed in the arena on podium on Sunday. Standout podium performances are listed below:

Level 6: Makenna- 2nd on bars
Level 7: Emilia- 1st on vault, 3rd on bars & AA, Amelia- 2nd on vault
Level 8: Taryn- 1st on bars, 3rd on floor
Level 9: Pallie- 2nd on vault

Many of the athletes made improvements from their previous competitions this season. They are looking forward to continuing to excel as the pre-season winds down. Next up for the squad is the Zenith Winter Classic & Rose City Classic. Dare to Soar!

icon02/29/2020 - Winter Classic Results

The Eagle Gymnastics women's team competed at the Zenith Winter Classic on February 29- March 1st. Top 10 performances are listed below:

Level 6: Makenna- bars (2nd), vault, beam, floor, AA; Kiersten- vault, bars & floor
Level 7: Emilia- vault, bars, beam, floor & AA. Lindsay- vault, bars, beam & AA; Amelia- vault, bars, beam, floor & AA
Level 8: Taryn- vault, bars, beam, floor & AA/ Reese- vault

Next up for the Level 7-9 athletes is the Rose City Classic on the weekend of March 6-7th. Level 6's will conclude their season at State Championships on the weekend of March 13-16th. 

icon03/07/2020 - Rose City Classic

The Eagle Gymnastics women's team competed at the Rose City Classic in Tyler, TX from March 6-7th. Top 10 performances are listed below. 

Level 7: Emilia- vault (1st), bars (1st) & AA. Lindsay- vault, bars, beam, floor & AA; Amelia- vault, bars & AA
Level 8: Taryn- vault, beam (3rd) & floor; Reese- vault, bars, beam, floor & AA
Level 9- Ryan- vault & floor; Pallie- vault (3rd)

Next up for the optional teams are their respective State Championships. The level 6 season will end this weekend following their competition, level 7-9 will vie for sports at the Regional Championships in April.